Restoring Features

April 5, 2012

Couldn’t sleep, worked on blog instead.

I managed to get comments up with Disqus yesterday. Now I’ve got Jekyll rendering posts using Emacs muse-mode, just like my old blogging system did. Among other things, that means that I can use Emacs as my syntax-highlighting engine again:

(defn with-starts?
  "Does string s begin with the provided prefix?"
  {:inline (fn [prefix s & to]
             `(let [^String s# ~s, ^String prefix# ~prefix]
                (.startsWith s# prefix# ~@(when (seq to) [`(int ~@to)]))))
   :inline-arities #{2 3}}
  ([prefix s] (.startsWith ^String s ^String prefix))
  ([prefix s to] (.startsWith ^String s ^String prefix (int to))))

And I once again have footnotes1 which jump over into the side margin. I had to convert my old footnote-mangling code to jQuery from Prototype (yes, it was that old). But hey – it works now!

And I even added back an Atom feed and the archived posts page.

I think that’s actually it. Blog once again fully armed and operational. Not too shabby for a few hours of insomnia. Zzz...

1 So yes, actually sidenotes when everything works properly.

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